Class BreachedCellGroup

All Implemented Interfaces:
java.util.Comparator, PathPlace

public abstract class BreachedCellGroup
extends CellGroup

This class represents a group of adjacent cells This class is used to modelize objects that are bigger than just one cell. For example, we can say a Car is 6 Cells, a truck 10. A human takes 4 cells. But you could also change the cell resolution and say a human takes a square of 9 cells or 16 cells.

Charles-Philip Bentley

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class cad.simcad.maps.CellGroup
_art, _cellMap, _cellNum, _cells, _maxHeight, _maxWidth, _ref, _value, _z
Constructor Summary
BreachedCellGroup(CellMap cellMap, Cell[][] cells)
          Creates new CellGroup
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Constructor Detail


public BreachedCellGroup(CellMap cellMap,
                         Cell[][] cells)
Creates new CellGroup


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